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Night Trolley

Alejandro Morales

Sept 18 2015

Runtime TBA


Johnny Brenda’sMap





Doors are opening. Welcome to Night Trolley. This is a local comedy acid test with transfer available to a higher, deeper love. Hosts Matthew Tsang and Eddie Finn  and their house band, The Misandrist Haberdashery, will friend request the imagination on a strange trip through the seedless overbelly of Philly.

$15 / 90 minutes

A first-time collaboration between more than a dozen of the city’s most distinguished sketch and standup comedians, Night Trolley is an experimental variety show that transports the showroom at Johnny Brenda’s to the surreal universe of after-hours mass transit. As it careens across the soul of the city, the Night Trolley will stop to collect the strangest passengers who come out at night, and learn their ways. Mysteries will unfold, humanity will be laid bare, and the half-empty soda bottle of laughter will bounce and echo across the sticky floor between Point A and Point B.



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