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Amanda Holston & Noemi Charlotte Thieves

Sept 14-23

Runtime TBA


Tattooed MomMap



Blonde Mona, a feminist burlesque dancer with a killing streak, embarks on her farewell tour across Canada, leaving a trail of dead girls in her wake. Banking on good company and an even better alibi, she enlists her childhood best friend as the driver and ends up with a teen tag-a-long coming of age in the backseat. A macabre look at the hypocrisies of contemporary womanhood, Nip asks us who’s really sucking on who?

$10 / 60 minutes
*This show is for mature audiences 21+
**Strobe lighting effects will be used.

Amanda Holston & Noemi Charlotte Thieves have recently migrated to Philadelphia from NYC. Both polymaths with strong interests in literature and adaptation, Noemi is primarily a filmmaker and Amanda is primarily a theatre artist. With their powers combined, they aim to bring you works of art that play freely between these mediums. Directly inspired by 80’s thriller flicks and the theatrical world of burlesque, Nip is their first stage offspring.


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