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Events Non Science Fiction Double Non Feature

Non Science Fiction Double Non Feature

Love Drunk Life, LLC

September 6-September 24

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA

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Love Drunk Life presents two short films: Self Tape, a short pseudo-sequel to the musical theater mockumentary Happy Yummy Chicken; and Tree Time, an animated short about one of the ways we connect in 2018.


Love Drunk Life presents Non Science Fiction Double Non Feature! Visit our website and enjoy two short films: Self Tape ¬†and Tree Time. Self Tape, a short pseudo-sequal to Love Drunk Life’s musical theatre mockumentary Happy Yummy Chicken, zooms in on different ways people use self taping to put themselves out there. Some of your favorite characters from Happy Yummy Chicken return and some will never be seen again! Tree Time is Love Drunk Life’s first animated film about one way we connect in 2018.

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