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Not So Silent Cinema

Oct 28 2016

Runtime TBA



“Is that your wife? What a lovely throat”-Count Orlok, the vampire

Who could get away with such an awkward line? Only Count Orlok, the world’s first cinematic vampire in Nosferatu, the world’s first vampire film. In October, for your listening pleasure as you travel into the ethereal Transylvanian mountains, you can experience the full horror of the film with a live quartet of Philly musicians as they blend a haunting tapestry of Klezmer motifs, Gypsy grooves, avant-garde textures, and classic horror effects.

A clarinet moans hauntingly as the vampire rises from his coffin, strings swell as our protagonist peers through a darkened doorway, a piano crashes, violins shriek, and lots of necks are bitten! Despite all the neck-biting, Nosferatu lacks the limb-hacking, blood-spurting intensity of the modern horror genre, making it a perfect film for all ages. Equal doses of suspense and classic horror-camp make it just as fun as it is scary. With a live band accompanying the film, this is a Halloween event not to be missed!

Not So Silent Cinema’s musical director Brendan Cooney has written an original score for the film to be performed live by a quartet of some of finest musicians from Philly’s Klezmer, Balkan, jazz, and classical scenes.


Clarinet Larry Goldfinger
Violin Carlos Santiago
Piano Brendan Cooney
Bass Chris Coyle

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$10.50 (member) Join before you buy!

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