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Events November Scratch Night

November Scratch Night

Nov 7 2016

Runtime TBA



The popular, long running works-in-progress series on the first Monday of every month.

Come see a roster of Philly’s most talented artists perform new material from shows they are working on in this fast-paced sampling of contemporary theater, dance, performance art, and everything in between. Scratch Night features short performances by four-to-six companies/artists, offering an inside look at the future of performance.

60 minutes

Free RSVP, $5 Suggested Donation



This show’s line up:


(Photo by Ian Douglas)

UArts Sophomore Performance & Coaching Project

University of the Arts School of Dance

27 Dance students from the University of the Arts will complete their Sophomore Project during Scratch Night. The project offers students the opportunity to make physical, conceptual, choreographic, performative and intellectual connections through engaging in the creative process. The UArts School of Dance Winter Concert is December 10th and 11th on campus.


stbxat1Blanc & Bonk

stb x at

The dance/percussion duo, stb x at, performs a new selection from Blanc & Bonk, a suite of catchy tunes and memorable dances from the classical, modern, and contemporary canon.


Get Lucid! And The Philadelphia Citizen present the Election Hangover Parthis_scratchnight2ty


Nurture that revolutionary soul with dance and new connections. Get Lucid! And The Philadelphia Citizen present the Election Hangover Party at Ruba Club on the lucky date of Friday 11/11/16. Make a wish for Philadelphia and let’s look forward together, leaving the charades and shenanigans of the election behind. Local theatre artist Mary McCool makes a shadowy appearance with her character from THIS INFO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.



(Photo by Kate Raines, Plate 3 Photography)

Victory! Defeat!

Leah Walton

A joyful realization of fantasy. This project plays in the edges of “performance art.” Direct address, “vaudeville,” audience-to-audience and actor-to-audience tropes are explored. Debilitating sadness through absurdity and hilarity, is a curiosity.




Photo: Hallie Martenson

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