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Of Our Remnants

Olive Prince Dance

Sept 9 - 12 2015

Runtime TBA


The Iron FactoryMap

K Chow StudiosThe stage is set with a collection of chairs, empty frames, and abandoned objects for a dance of expressive physicality to emerge. Of Our Remnants is an intimate site-specific work where visual art and dance collide. The viewer is immersed in the installation creating an absorbing impact from all vantage points.

$20 / 60 minutes

Olive Prince Dance (OPD) is a project-based dance company creating psychologically compelling, physically stimulating and thematically suggestive dance works. She creates productions that capture striking images while celebrating dancers’ movement histories to shape what transpires on stage. Visual imagery is paramount to OPD’s working process and final product. Often starting with objects, set pieces, or costuming to create ways of constructing and deconstructing their meaning throughout the choreography. Specific images act as conceptual muses and are allowed to lead aspects of the process. Imagery mingles with K Chow Studiosdivergent ideas in the conceptual constellation to develop choreography that mirrors the human experience. The process creates movement that combines technical virtuosity with energetic resonance, all while utilizing classical constructs in ways that further the work. Olive Prince is a veteran Philadelphia performer having worked with many independent artists as well as a company member with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (2007-2013), and Merian Soto (2005-present) for close to a decade. She has been commissioned to create dance for Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, Group Motion, and to create site-specific work for Hobart and William Smith College’s 40th anniversary of the women’s studies program. She was also commissioned by Drexel University to create an original piece for students to perform at the International Night of the Singapore Youth Festival – the only American company ever to receive this invitation. Her company has been presented at the 2011 Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, the 2010 Live Arts Festival, the International Contemporary Dance Conference, New Dance Alliance’s Performance Mix Joyce Soho, the CEC Resident Artist Series, K Chow Studiosthe nEW Festival and as part of the Susan Hess Choreographer’s Project where she was a resident artist. OPD’s most recent work was created in collaboration with visual artist, Carrie Powell while resident artist at the Iron Factory. Prince teaches modern technique, improvisation, and composition at Drexel University. OPD members include Jennifer Rose of Shen Wei dance arts, Wally Carbonell, Brandi Ou, Caroline O’Brein, Lindsay Browning, Grace Stern, and Ann-Marie Grover. The Broad Street Review said: “In ten powerful minutes, Olive Prince’s erotic and psychologically perverse Serenade brought racing back some of the most painful (as well as some of the best) moments of my existence – moments that, like the intense experience watching her choreography, I wouldn’t replace for the life of me.”












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