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The Omega Transport Video Club

The Omega Transport Video Club

September 23 at 10:00pm

Runtime TBA

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The Art Church of West PhiladelphiaMap

The Omega Transport Video Club is a tracking adjustment for your cerebellum. Also, it is a hosted cinematic experience, highlighting the very strangest cinema available. At each show, experience one of four spectacularly eccentric feature films, an address from Doctor Ray Cathode, and a free prize with every ticket.


During Fringe, each performance at the Omega Transport Video Club will present one of four largely unseen and truly eccentric features. These include:

  • Julie and Jack, a techno-romance from the director of Birdemic, Shock and Terror.
  • Beef: You Are What You Eat, a cannibalistic bodybuilder slasher.
  • Mutilations, a 1980s alien invasion film inspired in part by the Book of Mormon.

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$10 / 120 minutes

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