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Events The One, The Other One, & The Many

The One, The Other One, & The Many

The Naked Stark

Sept 10 - 16 2016

Runtime TBA


Mascher Space CooperativeMap

nakedstark_featuredimageThe Naked Stark examines the age-old story of the hero’s journey in a highly physical evening-length dance work. The stocking-footed heroine is at odds with a cohort of shoe-wearing villains in a cinematic modern dance performance investigating power and oppression.

$15 / 55 minutes

Choreography by Katherine Kiefer Stark (The Naked Stark) Performance by Sean Thomas Boyt, Patricia Dominguez, Leanne Grieger, Jodi Obeid, Meredith Stapleton, Megan Wilson Stern, Jennifer Yackel Philadelphia-based dance company The Naked Stark builds complex dance works that take apart, redefine, and consider everyday experiences of people, ideas, and social phenomenon.

Pictured: Sean Thomas Boyt, Megan Wilson Stern, Meredith Stapleton, Katherine Kiefer Stark    Credit: JH Kertis

Founder and artistic director Katherine Kiefer Stark strives to build a physicality unique to each work and tackles philosophical content through embodiment and presentation. The Naked Stark seeks, through its performances, community projects, workshops and classes, to move people and cause them to consider and question their assumptions about social norms.


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