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Events One Rain Full of Grace

One Rain Full of Grace

The Highland Lakes Players

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

14 minutes

Pass the Hat


Audio Description

When one late-summer, routine Phillies baseball game stops because of stormy weather in Philadelphia at Connie Mack Stadium, 12-year-old Diane DeMarco dashes across center field to lower the Star-Spangled Banner from the flag pole. One comic, nostalgic reading through a Vimeo online link. We hope you enjoy it. Particularly Phillies fans.

This work will feature Audio Description and Open Captioning.

Appropriate for all ages. View below or on Vimeo.


Available online throughout the Festival


Free to Access
Pass the Hat donations can be made to Venmo handle @raingrace (next to user name Raymond Whelan in hockey uniform)

About the Artists

Featuring the Highland Lakes Players of Austin, Texas: Sebastian Garcia, Samantha Levine and Raymond V. Whelan. Garcia and Levine are veteran performers at various venues in Austin, Texas, including the Hyde Park Theatre during Frontera Fest. Whelan is a member of ScriptWorks Austin who has participated in Frontera Fest for several years.

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