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One-Man Apocalypse Now

Chris Davis

Sept 9 – 24 2016

Runtime TBA


Heart of Darkness WarehouseMap

Chris Davis re-imagines the iconic film Apocalypse Now in a hilarious and dark 60-minute adaptation set in an industrial warehouse on Gray’s Ave.

Chris Davis has been self-producing in the Philadelphia Fringe for the last seven years. He worked on Fringe hits Anna K, Holly’s Dead Soldiers, and last year he co-wrote Damned Dirty Apes! for Renegade Theater Company. His solo-shows Drunk Lion, Bortle 8, and Violence of the Lambs, have toured throughout the United States and Europe. This August he will be performing a debut stand-up show in the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 titled Chinchilla Coats, before returning to Philadelphia for the Fringe.

Mary Tuomanen (director) is a member of Applied Mechanics Theater Company and Orbiter 3 Playwright’s Collective. She has recently been seen as The Witness in InterAct’s #therevolution, Irina in The Arden’s Three Sisters, and Andrei Warhola in Opera Philadelphia/Breaded Ladies’ Andy: A Popera.

Adriano Shaplin (sound designer) is the artistic director of the Riot Group, an ensemble he founded in 1997. He is the author of eight plays for the company, including Wreck the Airline Barrier, Victory at the Dirt Palace, Pugilist Specialist, and Switch Triptych and is a four-time recipient of the Scotsman Fringe First Award for new writing. His plays are published by Oberon Books and have been translated, produced, and performed all over the world.

$20 / 60 minutes


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