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Events P Pan and Beyondland

P Pan and Beyondland

Kathleen Murphey

Sept 15-16

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


German Society of PennsylvaniaMap

P Pan and Beyondland is a world-premiere retelling of the Peter Pan story where Krystal, Kyle, and Jamie realize that their society won’t allow them to express the gender identities that seem truest to their core selves. P Pan offers them sanctuary in Beyondland, and they go to find new lives of acceptance and support.

$15 / 90 minutes





P Pan and Beyondland is a world-premiere, short play that will be performed as part of Philly Fringe. The play is a retelling of the Peter Pan story. Krystal and Kyle Barry are twins and uncomfortable with narrow limits of gender that their parents and their school impose on them. They meet P Pan who tells them about the sanctuary ze offers to all kinds of different children who have trouble in the “normal” world. Krystal and Kyle hesitate, but when they see two of their classmates, Harry and Jamie, beaten up and punished for liking each other, the twins joined by Jamie go with P Pan to start a new life in Beyondland.


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