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Philadelphia Fabulist

Da Vinci Art Alliance

September 6-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

Flexible Run Time


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Fables can be true or false, history or mythology, sagas or fantasies…or a provocative blurring of both.

Collage artist John James Pron examines Philadelphia’s past, present and future, graphically displays a sequence of images as a storybook from William Penn’s arrival onward, rendering its diverse peoples and iconic settings, its historic achievements and monumental disappointments, its unsavory horrors and its lush beauties.

What parts are factual, what are hearsay, what are documented facts, what are snarky fantasies? Are there lessons to be learned, warnings to be heeded, opportunities to adopt? Let the viewer decide. Presented by Da Vinci Art Alliance

Available to view online during the Festival.

Recommended for ages 13+



Available Anytime on Da Vinci Art Alliance Webpage


Free to Access on Da Vinci Art Alliance Webpage

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