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Piano for Pets

Barbara Browne

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

20-25 minutes


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Has your cat been climbing the curtains lately? Does your dog howl mournfully for no apparent reason? Your pet may be culture-deprived. Give Fluffy and Scruffy what they’ve been missing with Piano for Pets, a customized selection of piano classics performed just for your pet. Pianist Barbara Browne will perform and record an informal mini-concert especially for your furbaby or fish, purr-fectly tailored to their musical purr-sonality. Soothe your savage beast with a burst of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart or Schumann and savor the calming effect of classical piano with your four-legged friend.

Ticket buyers will receive a Google form to describe their pet, and then the artist will customize a short 20-25 minute piano program just for your pet and perform and record it especially for them. Your exclusive Piano for Pets sound file will be emailed to the address you provide, usually within a week.

Recommended for 7+.

Piano for Pets FAQ

Do pets really like classical music?

Yes!  Studies have shown that classical music decreases stress levels in pets and people alike.

Take a look at these articles about dogs and cats.

How do you select piano music that is right for my pet?

From your Google form description I will get an idea of your pet’s particular personality.  Are they more like Grumpy Cat, Goofy or Garfield?  Each will have a different feeling about Bach, Beethoven or Brahms!  Based on their personality profile and musical factors like tempo, frequency (high or low pitch), and mood, I select piano pieces that should appeal to your pet.

How will I know that my pet is enjoying the music?

Reactions will vary.  Yes, your pet may simply sleep through its Piano for Pets track.  This is a positive, showing a very high relaxation level!  Twitching or snoring may indicate that your slumbering pet is having pleasant dreams. If your pet remains awake, you might notice some yawning, ecstatic rolling around on the floor, tail-wagging, or vocalizing such as howling, yowling, or purring.  Cats have a special affinity for pianos and may be inspired to play along.  Fish can be a bit harder to read; some blow bubbles to express interest.  A very sensitive pet may flee from the room or hide.  No worries!  Try turning down the volume a bit. Or perhaps your pet is just too excited on the first listen.  A treat always helps.

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Available by request during the Festival


$12 general access

About the Artists

From cafés to concert halls, pianist Barbara Browne performs an eclectic repertoire with rescue pups Bernie and Maxine singing along at home. In programs such as A Great Gatsby Piano Party, In the Parlor with Jane Austen, and The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant, “Music like storytelling should transport the listener with joy or grief into the music, and hers does,” as one fan put it. She has taught at Cabrini, Harcum and Bennington Colleges and coached singers at Westminster Choir College, Rider University and University of the Arts. Barbara plays at venues such as Bistro Romano, Church of the Holy Trinity, The Art Alliance, Villanova University, 1867 Sanctuary, University of Delaware, Luzerne Music Center, High Note Café, and more. She studied with Robert McDonald at Oberlin Conservatory and Eleanor Sokoloff and Susan Starr in Philadelphia. To learn more about the artist, visit

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