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Yes! And...Collaborative Arts

Sept 7 - 15 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Arch Street United Methodist ChurchMap

The teen division of Yes! And… Collaborative Arts, Shadow Company, is back with an epic tale. With time running out on Earth, a group of heroes have been sent to Planet B to prepare for our future. A fresh start. A chance to ensure our next home is perfect. But maybe perfect isn’t everything we thought it would be.

$10 / 70 minutes




Sept 7 – 8 

Arch Street United Methodist Church

55 North Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107


Sept 14 – 15

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts

21 West Washington Lane

Philadelphia, PA 19144 

Produced by: Natalie Hann

Directed by: Gavin Whitt

Written by: Geo Decas O’Donnell (with content created by the Shadow members in workshop, and Brooke Sexton)

Artistic Director for Yes! And… Collaborative Arts: Brooke Sexton

Shadow Company Core Teen Leadership: Emma Linneman, Joseph Beatty, Olivia Taylor, Miles Jones-Patton

Shadow Company is led by Program Director, Natalie Hann.


Learn more:

Facebook – yesandcamp

Instagram – @yesandcamp

Instagram – @yesand_shadow

YouTube – yesandcamp

Twitter – @yesandcamp

Twitter – @yesand_shadow



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