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It Gets Worse But Then.... Theatre Company

September 10-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

45 minutes

$5 – $15


Party game meets improv meets Instagram: Play/Paint/Pass is a collaboration between improvisers, playwrights, and artists, producing art over the course of Fringe. In one long game of Telephone, an improv session will inspire a series of art pieces from artists working in four-day intervals. The last of those pieces will then inspire a short play, written in a marathon by our playwrights, and presented as a reading. Come be part of the process with Play/Paint/Pass.

Play/Paint/Pass is a two-part event premiering at the start and end of Fringe. The first performance consists of an improv workshop, where audience participation is encouraged. The second performance is a virtual reading of a short play, which will be devised through created artworks inspired by the initial improv.

Please Note: the improv workshop contains audience participation and will be recorded. Recommended for ages 13+.


Improv Workshop - Thursday, Sept 10 at 7:30pm – Limited attendance

Virtual Play Reading - Sunday, Oct 4 at 6pm


IMPROV WORKSHOP: Thursday, Sept 10 at 7:30pm – $15
PLAY READING: Sunday, Oct 4 at 6pm – $5+

About the Artists

It Gets Worse But Then… (IGWBT) Theatre Company is a collective effort between Devan Callahan, Doriane Feinstein, Griffin Horn, and Devin Randall – playwrights who met in 2017. We’re here to play: to transform the artistic process into part of the spectacle, to collaborate across art forms, to celebrate spontaneous connections between artists and audience, and to inspire new perspectives on the world around us.

Follow the IGWBT Instagram (@igwbttheatreco) for ticketing information & depictions of the improvised art.

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