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Brian Sanders’ JUNK

Sep 7-22 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


The Patio at Spring ArtsMap

Get your lounge gear out and prep for 1960s Palm Springs…by way of 10th and Hamilton, that is. Join JUNK on The Patio at Spring Arts in a plunge of the senses. Savor the sleekness of jet-black oiled skin against the bright white of patent leather. Let your eyes sip on the rich silk of milk splashing from above. Light dances on a cloud of misted water as the heat of the night drizzles down the fine hairs of your back. Plunge.

Curated by the Ministry for Aesthetic Embellishments, presenting Anthrotropic Artifactuals since 2060.


Executive Producers: Duane Perry and Arthur Kaplan


$25 / 50 minutes


Brian Sanders’ JUNK has been presenting cutting-edge Fringe since 1999. Please visit for more information on this year’s unique, late-night lounge experience. “Exquisite beauty…and gasp-inducing feats of derring-do…” ~ Philadelphia Inquirer

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