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Events Cancelled: Pompeii

Cancelled: Pompeii

Sewer Rats Productions

Thursday, September 10

2020 Fringe Festival

15 minutes



Denny Cloud is a journalist with some baggage. He’s had a difficult relationship with his family and his parents especially. His mother died roughly five years ago and his father just recently. He struggles to put these pieces together and shape his images of these people as well as the influences they’ve had on him. While handling this grief he receives an ominous invitation from an old friend and Sheriff, Steven Burke calling him to a small town where he is dealing with an issue of his own. One of supernatural proportions.

The series will consist of 4 episodes roughly 15 – 20 minutes long each and can be accessed though our website starting on September 23rd 2020.

Audience members will find each episode on, a link will be posted on our website and our Facebook page.

Recommended for ages 18+.


This work has been cancelled.



About the Artists

Sewer Rat Productions is an organized collaboration of artists. We are dedicated to producing and developing new works that offers a multitude of perspectives on art as a whole. We embrace and mold conventions in order to express the unmistakable beauty in this world despite it’s persistent ability to turn things upside-down. We pool together our artistic resources in order to create something unique and special.

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