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ARTIST HOUSE / Asya Zlatina + Dancers

September 23-September 27

2020 Fringe Festival

Flexible Run Time


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This is what happens when you feel the effects of quarantine and the world plunging into darkness around you. It is what happens when you try to process the longevity of the new normal, when you bang the keys of your computer.

But artists cannot stop, we attempt to make sense of the world. New work presented as part of this show was created in quarantine and as a reflection of the times of Coronavirus social distancing.

Every piece reflects a different idea of the new reality. Perhaps you can relate to the expression, perhaps it will generate thought, but it all stems from the human need to connect in significant and historical times. Take the journey with us.

Photo by Rob Li.

After purchasing your ticket, you will be added to a special list until opening show date. On that day, you will receive several special viewing links that will be available for the duration of our run-time at the festival. The links will access a photo gallery, film shorts, and a live “about the work” session with the director. Only the live session will have a very specific time, whereas the other offerings will be a view-at-your-leisure format.

Recommended for ages 13+.

Note: The work is not for kids under 13 because the content is specific for adults. But, it is carefully done so that children 13+ can experience, provided parental guidance. There IS a reference to varying mental states, distress, anxiety, mass upheaval, and may have some graphic animal food-chain exploration in nature.


Content accessible online Sept 23–26
Talkbacks with artists: Thursday, Sept 24 at 7pm


$9 general access

About the Artists

About ARTIST HOUSE: Based in Philadelphia, ARTIST HOUSE/Asya Zlatina + Dancers shows original choreography nationally and abroad. In times of COVID-19, creations are continuing virtually as collaborations, solo and group work, with the interweaving of many art mediums. Additionally, the company offers virtual dance lessons, and creates special video shorts celebrating your family milestones. To learn more about ARTIST HOUSE or commissioning for a family gift, visit our site at

To contact us, please email, or call 215-392-2700.

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