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Question Reality

Pseudonym Productions

Part of the 2019 Fringe Festival


Immersive HQ @ Kismet (Kismet Cowork Spring Arts)
448 North 10th Street, 2nd floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123 United States
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September 10 + 12–15, 2019

Pseudonym Productions invites you to step out of your reality and into a Lynchian world of mystery and intrigue. Inside this vibrant immersive world, you’ll get swept away into unexpected experiences where nothing is as it seems. Come early and stay late in our Immersive HQ, the hub for immersive entertainment at the Fringe Festival, where performance is not just a show, but an adventure.

$20 / 30 minutes

From our humble beginnings at the University of Pennsylvania to 4 years of wildly creative productions in Orlando, Pseudonym Productions has returned to Philadelphia to present the first in a series of revolutionary experiences.

We create thrilling immersive experiences that entertain, engage, and captivate for those who crave more adventure in their lives.

At Philly Fringe: Be among the first to enter the Pseudoverse, an infinite world of entertainment that isn’t just a place; it’s a lifestyle.

After Fringe ends: Return to Pseudonym throughout the month of October as the immersive fun continues for a social Halloween experience unlike any other. Mysterious, psychological, and foreboding, arrive ready to explore. Begin with a drink in our lounge and effortlessly get swept away to uncover mysteries and discover intriguing characters across a world filled with unexpected encounters.

Across vibrant worlds, engagingly unique performances, and astonishing visceral thrills, our productions let you choose your own experience, so you can become anyone you wish, allowing you to be the hero, or the villain, you always wanted to be.

Enter a whole new world of entertainment and connect with others in meaningful, unexpected ways.

Within our experiences, you’ll discover that every story and every adventure has a soul. They are experiences that surround you with imaginative, otherworldly sensations that stay with you long after your journey ends.

Inspired by interactive video games, our experiences transport you to a world unlike your own, where appearances deceive and even the familiar feels entirely foreign. No headsets. No controllers. This is not virtual reality, it’s real reality.

With Pseudonym Productions, take a step outside your comfort zone, live differently, and question reality.


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