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Events Reimagine Your Reality; Comedy Hypnosis Show

Reimagine Your Reality; Comedy Hypnosis Show

Frank Perri

Sep 3 - 6 2015

Runtime TBA

Cost TBA

SkyBox at the AdrienneMap

Reimagine Your Reality; Comedy Hypnosis Show_Frank PerriA profoundly hilarious comedy hypnosis show by local hypnotist Frank Perri. Explore the depths of your imagination. An unforgettable exhibition of the mind that you and your friends will be laughing about for a long time to come. Watch the show or be the show! 100% audience participation.

$24 / 60 Minutes

A few things you should know about Frank: He is a Sagittarius. He once hugged a wild cheetah. He loathes the taste of cherries. A local Philadelphia Hypnotist, Frank has been infatuated with the stage since a young age when he discovered theatre. He’s adamantly pursued many avenues of performance including drama, stand up comedy, improvisation, and magic. As a teenager he found a fascination with the psychology of the the human mind, and what makes us all tick. Shortly thereafter, Frank discovered a way to merge these two passions of his and learned to hypnotize. Already a world traveler at a young age, he has performed all over the world from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Australia, and the UK. Philadelphia, however, has always been Frank’s home. Now he is sharing his passions and show with his home city.


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