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ReVisioning the Arts Podcast

Julia Brandenberger, Rogue Theology

September 6-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

1 hour


The Internet

ReVisioning the Arts is a podcast focused on inclusivity and egalitarianism. The show has two primary focuses: offering strength and encouragement to struggling artists and dreaming up new models that would support as many people as possible in making their art. Listen in for conversations on resilience, tenacity and philosophical soul tending.

We talk about cultivating a resilient mindset, detaching success from popularity and staying clear in our reasons for making art.

Join me as I bring on artists from all disciplines, asking how to make a more just and accessible arts world for all.



Available for Streaming – Entire Festival



Produced by Julia Brandenberger with guest speakers

Content Considerations

There is mention of depression and difficulties with mental illness.

Audience Instructions

To access to podcast simply search “ReVisioning the Arts” on Apple, Spotify or Libsyn. The podcast is reaching to other platforms, however at the moment these platforms are the best access points.

About the Artists

Julia Brandenberger is a dance/theater and media maker operating under the name “Rogue Theology”. She creates work around questions of value and worth and how these things are determined and propagated in a society. She uses performance as a lens of philosophy to ask how we value our lives and how we make sense of our failures and longings. She recently started a podcast, “ReVisioning the Arts”, which is an anti-elitist arts podcast focused on getting as many people as possible financially and socially supported in creating their work. Her conversations can be found on YouTube under her name and her work can be found at

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