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Right Behind

Lozzi Productions

Sept 15—18 2016

Runtime TBA


Connie’s Ric RacMap

Wheelchair Accessible

1805Right Behind takes its audience behind the scenes of a restaurant, offering a brief glimpse inside the lives of the people that work there and depicting various extreme behaviors of the patrons. A hilarious attempt to do service industry employees some justice and to clue people in on the do’s and don’ts of dining out.

$20 / 65 minutes

Written and Starring: Gianna Lozzi
Directed by: Freddie Lozzi

Right Behind is the first production presented by the Philadelphian brother/sister duo that makes up Lozzi Productions. Gianna has been involved in the theatre world for most of her conscious life, always managing to secure the lead role in a number of musicals and plays. Freddie, on the other hand, spent most of his time with a camera which eventually lead to film school and going on to write and direct his on short films. With backgrounds in theatre, film, and of course the restaurant business, together they offer an authentic take on the service industry all the while keeping the Philly feel.





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