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Sep 4 - 23 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


The Digital AbyssMap

Wheelchair Accessible

A two-player, multi-day game based on the unmitigated emo clusterf*ck that is Romeo and Juliet.  In this web-based game, each day corresponds to one of the five stupidest days in literature, during which players (spoiler alert) party crash, elope, swallow poison, kill their lover’s cousin and stab themselves.

R&J is online and ongoing throughout the Festival, beginning September 4 at midnight. It can be played over the course of any five days of the festival.

$10 / 5 days





R&J is a two-player, multi-day game based on Shakespeare’s unmitigated clusterf*ck of a play, Romeo & Juliet, in which (spoiler alert) the title characters die.  

So, yeah, you and your partner are headed for death.  But the last five days of your life will be the best five days of your life as you finally get over your useless ex gf- Rosalind, meet someone way cooler, marry them, get banished from your hometown, tell off your control freak Dad, and fake poison yourself.

Each day of the game corresponds to the action of the play, which takes place over the course of five historically stupid days.  R&J is an entirely web-based game and can be played with a friend or, more authentically, with a total stranger (which, lest we forget, R&J were to each other at the start of this intense, intimate catastrophe).  

Each day you will be asked to complete certain tasks and mini-games like “kill your lovers cousin” or “break into a high-security masked ball.”  Kidding.  Maybe.  Who knows.  Things escalate really fast in this play.  

The time commitment for each day’s actions diminishes over the course of the week (you’re poisoned for, like, a full day toward the end there) so it is highly recommended that you begin the game on a day when you have time to text with your partner fairly consistently throughout the day.

R&J has been presented at Come Out and Play (NYC 2017), and Bandwi/d/th International Online Togetherness Festival (2018).

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