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Romeo and Juliet

OJ Productions

September 23—25

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September 23 at 7:00pm

September 24 at 1:00pm

September 24 at 7:00pm

September 25 at 1:00pm

September 25 at 6:00pm

2022 Fringe Festival

2 hrs


The Skinner Studio at Plays and PlayersMap

Join us for the most famous love story ever told! This intimate production will reimagine Romeo and Juliet for the modern stage, questioning whether our fate is truly written in the stars or held in the hands of our environment, experiences and choices.

Appropriate for ages 13+


Content Considerations

This performance contains brief graphic violence, depictions of suicide, depictions of fake blood. strobe lights, and fog/smoke effects.

Health & Safety

Proof of vaccination is required to attend this event, and masks must be worn for the duration of the performance. Audience members will be asked to show proof of vaccination before entering the venue. Both digital and physical proof of vaccination are accepted. Please plan accordingly.




Directed by: Jack Taylor (he/him), Stage Manager: Bree Horocofsky (she/her), Romeo: Anthony Ocampo (he/him), Juliet: Maddy Gillespie (she/her), Benvolio: Taylor Morgan (she/her), Mercutio: Matthew Carter (he/him), Lady Capulet: Brittany Delaware (she/her), Tybalt: Ilana HuiYa Lo (she/her), Nurse: Kayleigh Smith (she/her), Friar Lawrence: Christina Carelli (they/them), Paris: Michael McInerney (he/him)

About the Artist

OJ Productions is an emerging Philadelphia-based creative duo, who are dedicated to telling bold stories intimately. Led by Jack Taylor and Olivia Gendron, OJ productions strives to create passionate art through theatrical and cinematic outlets.