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Events Ruciteme Karyenda Culture de Buyenzi

Ruciteme Karyenda Culture de Buyenzi

Ruciteme Karyenda Culture de Buyenzi

Saturday, October 1 at 5pm

2022 Fringe Festival

60 min

Pay What You Can

Lemon Hill Mansion Park – Site 1Map

Relaxed PerformanceWheelchair Accessible

The majority of Burundian people have been enduring the aftermaths of the past civil wars that left many orphans, widowers, handicaps, in misery etc… As the core aim of our group, RUCITEME KARYENDA CULTURE DE BUYENZI is to bring back the lost joy, smiles and excitement of all Burundians through our cultural and modern dance performance and to inspire the young generation to live a happy and hopeful life. Moreover, to introduce our beautiful cultural performance to the Globe.
So far, we have performed many dances both locally and internationally and participated in festivals Internationally.

Attending this Festival will expose us to a real international and multicultural environment where we could also get an opportunity to share about our country, its cultures, geography and people, as well as to create a global network and have first-hand experience of rich culture and history of U.S.A.

Appropriate for all ages



We are in total made of 25 persons, i.e both Cast and Team, we have received local awards as Community Changers thanks to our Show performed in East Africa Community for promoting Harmony and Unity among people regardless their daily endeavors. Additionnally, we have performed in European Countries namely France, Poland, Turkey and soon we are highly honoured to perform in Brighton Finge Festival in England this May. Our common target is to promote our cultural Brand, to entertain the humanity, to make our globe more joyful and peacefull for every single human being living on this Earth