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Events A Runaway, a Soldier and a Snowball Fight

A Runaway, a Soldier and a Snowball Fight

Iron Age Theatre

Sept 14 – 24 2016

Runtime TBA


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1760 A Runaway, A Soldier and a Snowball Fight reveals the tense, comedic surreality in Boston, 1770 in the days leading up to the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks, runaway slave, engages Sam Adams, a bumbling British soldier and a barkeep. Lauded as a martyr of the American Revolution, sometimes history glorifies unfair murder as an act of defiance.

$20 / 75 minutes

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runaway press photo

Pictured: Ned Pryce as the British Soldier and JaRon Battle as Crispus Attucks Credit: John Doyle

Iron Age Theatre has been creating plays that confront social issues and engage radical voices for more than 27 years. Productions include “Voices of the People’s History” in collaboration with Plays and Players and South Camden Repertory Theater; annual “Juneteenth” events; a national tour of Howard Zinn’s “Marx in Soho”. With noted actor Bob Weick playing Marx. Iron Age Theatre has produced plays ranging from Cocteau to Sam Shepard. Iron Age inaugurated Eastern State Penitentiary historic site with the production of Tunnel in 1994. MARX IN SOHO has been performed over 250 times to more than 100,000 people as part of its continuing national tour and is in development for a film. The company has produced the Philadelphia premiere at least one play annually, usually by local playwrights. Iron Age Theatre dedicates itself to work focused on the human condition and social justice. Iron Age allows the untried actor, the unacknowledged playwright and the untested idea to appear on its stage, hoping that it can expand the palate of art in Philadelphia. Iron Age revels in improvisationally devised rehearsal work imposed on traditional theatre; raw works of theatre created collaboratively and organically, unafraid to challenge both audience and performer. Our repertoire our includes Waiting for Godot, Moby Dick Rehearsed, Molumby’s Million, The Life of John Henry, Buried Child, A Skull in Connemara, Maroons: The Anthracite Gridiron, Terra Nova, Rear Column, Shakesploitation, Dutchman and a myriad of other plays.


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