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Events Sevillana Get Togethers 2020

Sevillana Get Togethers 2020

Pasion y Arte

September 17-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

Flexible Run Time

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Pasión y Arte, Philadelphia’s premier all-female flamenco dance company, is excited to present Sevillana Get Togethers 2020, a combination of virtual learning, digital content, and a final virtual event as part of the 2020 Fringe Festival.

During a time when it has become easy to feel isolated and disconnected from others, Sevillana Get Togethers 2020 is a new interactive project that aims to keep us connected while also honoring our personal selves and celebrating our humanity. This project involves virtual learning as participants record themselves dancing Sevillana in the privacy of their own home as they learn the 4 sections of the Sevillana dance via weekly free Zoom classes taught over the summer months by PyA Artistic Director, Elba Hevia y Vaca. A human collage, a Mandala video of all of the participants (comprised of PyA Conservatory students, renowned international flamenco artists, artists PyA has worked with over the past 20 years, and the general public) dancing on one screen, where we will be honoring our aloneness while also celebrating our connecting with others. These videos will be compiled for each Sevillana and uploaded to the Pasion y Arte website for viewing. The final phase of this project will be virtual gathering and event as we dance the 4 Sevillana together safely in our own homes as part of the 2020 Fringe Festival.

A little bit about Sevillanas:
The Sevillana is a colorful and exciting style of song and dance that originated in Castile and not in Seville, a variation from a style of dance known as the seguidilla. The Sevillana is not flamenco, although today it is performed by flamenco artists who give it that special flamenco touch. It is performed to a strict 3/4 rhythm and is danced by pairs or groups of people. The dance is choreographed to a pre-established routine, all of which goes against what the true flamenco dance is all about. The Sevillana dance has 4 Coplas (Sections).

The prerecorded Sevillana videos will premiere on the Pasion y Arte website during Fringe leading up to the final live stream event in October. Those who wish to participate can RSVP, which will have additional info on the live stream process and how to access further.

Each video is a compilation of recordings from the classes that took place over the summer. They include a description of the steps and what to look at in the various installments but not lessons. The final live event is a crescendo of the 4 coplas and the guests artists will be performing it live over Zoom.  

Please Note: this show contains audience interaction. Recommended for ages 7+.


Thursday, Sept 17 at 5pm Thursday, Sept 24 at 5pm Thursday, Oct 1 at 5pm Sunday, Oct 4 at 5pm


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