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Events Sewer Rats Sketch Night

Sewer Rats Sketch Night

Sewer Rats Productions

September 24-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

1 hour


The Internet

Closed Captioning

Three writers and four actors have come together to bring you a night of alternate history, joy and weirdness. Prepare to laugh about things that were, things that are, and things that may some day be.



Available for Streaming on Friday, Sept 24 until end of Festival




Director: Kelci Schlierf

Writers: Nolan Maher, Charlie Allison, Doriane Feinstein, with contributions from Paige Zubel

Actors: Megan Krause, Morgan Hayes, Nolan Maher, Spencer Ventresca

Producer: Liz Zimmerman

Dramaturg: Sarah Billings.



Content Considerations

Appropriate for Ages 18+

Audience Instructions

Audience Members can tune in on our Youtube channel, beginning on September 24th at 7:00 PM. The show will then be available to stream at any time through October 3rd.

About the Artists

Sewer Rat Productions is an organized collaboration of artists. We are dedicated to producing and developing new works that offers a multitude of perspectives on art as a whole. We embrace and mold conventions in order to express the unmistakable beauty in this world despite it’s persistent ability to turn things upside-down. We pool together our artistic resources in order to create something unique and special.