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Drip Symphony

Sep 19–22 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


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Five artists take shelter in an abandoned theater. Bound by cutthroat artistic integrity, their dreams and delusions flourish. But there are cracks in the foundation, there’s blood on the canvas—the outside world is seeping in. Drip Symphony and Plays & Players present an original play, Shelter.

$20 / 90 minutes





Shelter is the story of a group of artists living together in an abandoned theater, brought together by a shared sense of artistic integrity. It follows their lives as they create prolifically while their dreams and delusions grow wild inside their home. The show explores the value of art, the nature of creation, and the power of physical boundaries to shape our realities. Shelter is presented using an immersive design where the entire theater is transformed into performance space, and the audience, seated on stage and scattered throughout the house, lives among the action.

The ensemble:

Dan Higbee
Emma Orr
Nikolai McKenzie
Nate Barnett

The production team:

Nick Schwasman, co-director/writer
Nate Barnett, co-director/composer
Molly Washok, production manager
Raven Buck, co-production designer/technical director
Paige Miller, sculptor
Chris Davis, co-writer
Dylan Cooper, art director
Jordan Schellinkhout, marketing director

Drip Symphony is a Philadelphia-based live performance company that brings together diverse artists committed to creating new, engaging art. These artists fuse experimental practices with established technique to make innovative performance for a modern audience. Drip Symphony is co-directed by Nick Schwasman and Nate Barnett.


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