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Aubrie Costello + Co.


Philly PACK
233 Federal St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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The venue for this production is different than what is listed in the printed guide. The correct venue is 233 Federal St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Silken secrets unravel in this collaborative film, dance, and art installation that explores a love lost. Silk graffiti artist Aubrie Costello, dancers Leslie Davidson and Jessica Noel, filmmaker Lendl Tellington, music producer Josh Hey, and more, meditate on love’s complexities and nuances—from its dawning to its darkening.

$20 / 120 minutes


SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SEE, a collaborative short film, dance performance, and site-specific art installation by a collective of multidisciplinary creatives from Philadelphia. Inspired by the 2015 Fringe Festival performance Sit Down. Stand Up., created by dancers Jessica Noel and Leslie Davidson, SMWYWMTS expands on their performance by intimately exploring all the peculiar stages of love, from its dawning, to it’s dimming, to its inevitable darkness through dance, film, fiber art, poetry, and an original score. Silk graffiti street artist Aubrie Costello adorns the interior of a South Philly apartment with layers of silken words, setting the scene for a story about the complexities and nuances of love, loss, and human connection. Filmmaker Lendl Tellington pieces together two stories: that of Davidson and Noel, and that of Fatima Adamu. The film follows Davidson and Noel from the height of their passion, through the building of their bond, to the unraveling of their love story and the intensity of their fall and examines the mystery of what remains after all the dust settles. Adamu’s story of a love lost is portrayed through the individual lens. We move with her as she encounters the dynamic journey of inward reflection while mourning a private loss in solitude. The silk messages throughout feature lines from a late-night freewrite by Aubrie Costello and Victoria Prizzia, who pulled together personal accounts and histories of heartbreak, reflection, and healing from their old journals. The film unfolds to a soundtrack by music producer Josh Hey. An intimate performance and art exhibition  accompanies the film screening during the 2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Two nights only: Friday, September 22nd and Saturday, September 23rd 8pm—10pm. Music by Josh Hey. Libations served. #ShowMeWhatYouWantMeToSee #SMWYWMTS @showmewhatyouwantmetosee.