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Silencing the Tides

Olive Prince Dance

September 16 at 5:00pm

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An intimate experience of evocative dance asking you to witness what it means as an individual to stand up and go against the tide. Exploring the tidal forces in life, women become bodies of water close enough to touch. Joined by visual artist Carrie Powell, creating a sculpture of laundry the dance resides in.


35 audience members. 6 dancers. 1 gigantic sculpture. In a mesmerizing, distorted reality women become the sea as they anchor to what is known. It is an evolution of becoming with no end in site. “Silencing the Tides” is a charged, physical force of falling down, picking up, and laying yourself bare. Dancers take themselves on a journey of cycles, fighting up and out, and being a reflective pool of pinned down piles. In an intimate experience where bodies are close enough to touch, you feel what it is like to stand up against the tide. Olive Prince Dance (OPD) is a project based dance company creating compelling, physically stimulating and thematically suggestive dance works. OPD is invested in the collaborative process and engaged in cutting edge artistic inquiry. Prince weaves the choreographic process in parallel with Carrie Powell, conceptual collaborator, visual artist, and creative arts therapist. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of contemporary practice to create productions that capture striking images while celebrating dancers’ movement histories to shape what transpires on stage. OPD has been presented at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, the 2010 Live Arts Festival, the International Contemporary Dance Conference, and throughout Philadelphia. Prince is a veteran Philadelphia performer working with many independent artists as well as company work with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers and Merian Soto for close to a decade. She has been commissioned to create dance for Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, Group Motion, and for Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Drexel University, and Bryn Mawr College. Most recently, she was featured on WHYY’s The Articulate with Jim Cotter. OPD will make its NYC debut in the Split Bill at Triskelion Arts Series in December. Prince teaches improvisation, composition, and technique at Drexel University. Choreography: Olive Prince Visual Artist and Conceptual Collaborator: Carrie Powell Design Artist: Kaitlin Chow Music Composition: Sebastien Schuller Dancers: Evalina Carbonell, Elise Mele, Brandi Ou, Caroline O’Brien, Olive Prince, and Alissa Zrein.

(Photographer Credits: top photo by Jamie Kassa ; bottom photo by Lindsay Browning)


$18 / 50 minutes

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