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Events Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo

Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo

Simpatico Theatre

Sept 19 - 30 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


The Proscenium Theatre at the DrakeMap

Four solo artists contemplate masculinity in America. Together, these pieces—Idaho Shuffle (IS), Thomas is Titanic (T), The Best of Me (B), LUVR (L)—explore the repercussions and revelations of our hyper-gendered society through true stories of tap dancing, the Titanic, Bjork, and broken hearts.

Pay What You Can / 65 minutes





Sept 19 at 6:30pm (IS) + 8pm (TT) +  9:30pm (BM)

Sept 20 at 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (TT)

Sept 21 at 5pm (L) + 6:30pm (IS) + 8pm (BM) + 9:30pm (TT) 

Sept 22 at noon (TT) + 2pm (L) + 4pm (IS) + 7:30 (B) + 9pm (L) 

Sept 23 at 4pm (IS) + 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (IS)

Sept 24 at 5pm (BM) + 7pm (IS)

Sept 25 at 9:30pm (BM)

Sept 26 at 7pm (TT) + 9pm (BM)

Sept 27 at 6:30pm (IS) + 8pm (BM) + 9:30pm (TT)

Sept 28 at 5pm (L) + 7pm (TT) + 8:30 (BM) + 10pm (L)

Sept 29 at noon (TT) + 2pm (L) + 4pm (IS) + 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (L)

Sept 30 at 4pm (IS) + 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (IS)

Expand Your Definition of Community. Simpatico Theatre explores stories that celebrate, challenge, and expand our definitions of community and compassion. We stage thought-provoking work that’s grounded in social justice, civil rights, and community service. Our grassroots dedication to bridging communities fuels our work, reveals avenues of advocacy for our audiences, and leads to transformative collaborations in our city.


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