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Events Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo

Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo

Simpatico Theatre

Sept 19 - 30 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


The Proscenium Theatre at the DrakeMap

Four solo artists contemplate masculinity in America. Together, these pieces—Idaho Shuffle (IS), Thomas is Titanic (T), The Best of Me (B), LUVR (L)—explore the repercussions and revelations of our hyper-gendered society through true stories of tap dancing, the Titanic, Bjork, and broken hearts.

Pay What You Can / 65 minutes





Sept 19 at 6:30pm (IS) + 8pm (TT) +  9:30pm (BM)

Sept 20 at 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (TT)

Sept 21 at 5pm (L) + 6:30pm (IS) + 8pm (BM) + 9:30pm (TT) 

Sept 22 at noon (TT) + 2pm (L) + 4pm (IS) + 7:30 (B) + 9pm (L) 

Sept 23 at 4pm (IS) + 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (IS)

Sept 24 at 5pm (BM) + 7pm (IS)

Sept 25 at 9:30pm (BM)

Sept 26 at 7pm (TT) + 9pm (BM)

Sept 27 at 6:30pm (IS) + 8pm (BM) + 9:30pm (TT)

Sept 28 at 5pm (L) + 7pm (TT) + 8:30 (BM) + 10pm (L)

Sept 29 at noon (TT) + 2pm (L) + 4pm (IS) + 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (L)

Sept 30 at 4pm (IS) + 7:30pm (BM) + 9pm (IS)

Expand Your Definition of Community. Simpatico Theatre explores stories that celebrate, challenge, and expand our definitions of community and compassion. We stage thought-provoking work that’s grounded in social justice, civil rights, and community service. Our grassroots dedication to bridging communities fuels our work, reveals avenues of advocacy for our audiences, and leads to transformative collaborations in our city.





Idaho Shuffle written and performed by Jeremy Gable

Directed by Brey Ann Barrett

Jeremy Gable is normally a playwright, but he has this little-known talent as a tap dancer. In The Idaho Shuffle, he talks – or more appropriately, taps – about that hidden passion, and how in his teenage years, it came to both define and corrupt him. It’s a revealing portrait of the different ways masculinity holds power over men, and an honest look at how we let our achievements define us.


The Best of Me written by J. Hernandez and Amanda Schoonover

Performed by J. Hernandez, Directed by Amanda Schoonover

On September 16, 1996, blood had begun to seep through the ceilings of an apartment complex in Hollywood, FL. Police enter the apartment above to find the body of a man covered in grease paint, along with 18 hours of video footage and a note on the wall reading “The Best of Me.” The videotapes … a series of recordings which capture his views on life, love, art, revenge, obsession, loneliness, and death, were confiscated by the FBI in their investigation when they discovered he put into motion an assassination attempt on the life of pop singer, Bjork, in his wake. Later, these videotapes would be released to journalists through their media center. Within a few years, they were anonymously released on YouTube for the entire world to see, where they remain online to this very day. This is Ricardo’s Lopez’s story.


Thomas is Titanic written and performed by Thomas Choinacky

Directed by Justin Jain

A Kate Winslet obsession launches one man into playing all the parts, including the iceberg, of the blockbuster movie. Witness his untold journey, over-athletic imagination, and devastation with intangible love. Put your life vest on. You might get wet.


LUVR written and performed by Armando Batista

Directed by Ozzie Jones

What happens when you fall in love too easily, and get rejected by the object of your love’s affection. Can you handle the heartache? Can you handle the loneliness? Will you rise from the ashes to find love again? And why does texting suck?! This is the tale of LUVR.


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