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Butter & Serve Theatre Company

Sep 3 - 5 2015

Runtime TBA


Mascher Space CooperativeMap

WhSlaughter Bitch_Butter & Serve Theatre Companyat do wine, sequins, mascara, and blood amount to? Slaughter/ette. Butter & Serve returns to the Fringe Festival with a raucous dark comedy. By defining and subsequently defying stereotypes of women as exhibited through reality television, this piece explores female roles within society and popular culture.

Free / 60 minutes

Butter & Serve is an ensemble-based, devised theatre company started in May 2014 by Alicia Crosby, Vanita Kalra, Riva Rubenoff and Sara Vanasse, graduates of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training. Butter & Serve relies on sensory experience, movement, and non-linear storytelling to challenge theatrical norms and explore themes close to our own lives. Butter & Serve’s first production, “V”, played to sold out houses as part of the 2014 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

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The Making of Slaughter/ette, or Binge Watching Season 18 of the Bachelor by Courtney Lau, FringeArts Blog


The slaughterhouse is an incubator of comedic disaster. It manages to make already nonsensical representations of women even more outrageous. Vanasse says, “The proposed mash up of The Bachelor phenomenon with slaughter house culture will provide us with the tools to crack open these truer, deeper themes that are constantly present under the surface of the dating show.”

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