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Speculum Diaries

Irina Varina

Sept 14—24 2016

Runtime TBA


1fiftyOne gallery + art space



Pictured: Irina Varina    Credit: David Brick

A young woman’s solo about longing. For love, connection, home and understanding of oneself independent of those things. Told through personal/fictional narratives and some dance, it features among other things: an antique speculum found in a basement, babushka, “Brilliant Traces”, voice of Charlie Kaufman.

$15 / 60 minutes
Please note the NEW address for this venue. “1fiftyone gallery+art space” recently moved to: 3312 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134.


Pictured: Irina Varina    Credit: David Brick


Irina Varina originally comes from a filmmaking/acting background. She became passionate about theater after training with two Grotowski-influenced teachers, Stephen Wangh and Raina von Waldenburg, and about dance and performance art – after studying at Headlong Performance Institute. In her work she seeks to convey life experiences that are sometimes hard to put into words or seem too shameful which, when we see expressed on screen or in theater, we recognize immediately and go “oh, I felt that too.” She often looks for embarrassment, discomfort, and laughter to uncover those experiences. In the past, Irina made and performed in a dozen short films (including A Memory – winner of the Tiny Film Festival and PBS’s Reel 13 contest). She is currently editing her first full-length movie Forever Ago Now.




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