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story of my eye


Sept 10 - 12 2016

Runtime TBA


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story of my eye

Pictured: Zach Trebino    Credit: Barry Kirsch


story of my eye is a vaudevillian meta-pageant;

it’s a public access variety show;

it’s a saturnalia of excessive grotesquery that dips into pseudo-sincerity;

it’s food! It’s sex! It’s us! It’s television!

$10 / 60 minutes

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Pictured: Jenni Messner    Credit: Barry Kirsch

concept: zach trebino
direction: zach trebino
creation & performance: jenni messner & zach trebino
costumes: devin o’neill
environment: jenni messner & zach trebino
sound & video: zach trebino



Pictured: Zach Trebino & Jenni Messner    Credit: Barry Kirsch

ABOUT GOATPIG  Conceived in the house of PIG, under the sign of GOAT, we the GOATPIG serve gleefully in our official delegations as the Captains of Crass, the Purveyors of Perversity, and the Grandmasters of Grotesquery.  GOATPIG makes performances/events/fantasies. We divulge our private affairs in the most public of forums to reacquaint you with mortality; our gender identity is Bathroom Vaudeville, and we take it very seriously.
IRL, GOATPIG is/are two lovers, two human-animals, two despicable people with admirable intentions standing before you screaming, “STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREENS AND FEAST ON OUR FLESH!  WE’RE JUICY! WE’RE CRISP!  WE’RE ONLY 100 CALORIES!”










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