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Events Cancelled: Talk Show

Cancelled: Talk Show

LG Productions, with Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier

Thursday, September 10

2020 Fringe Festival

60 minutes



The demented public access fever dream that is Talk Show pits veteran talk show host Eric Singel against his producer-mandated co-host, Harry Watermeier. Over the course of an hour, while trapped in a barebones, existential dread inducing T.V. studio, the two men jockey for power and attempt to win the favor of their celebrity guests (including Maggie Smith, Emma Watson, Harry Styles, Johnny Depp, and more…). All the while, in a nod to Samuel Beckett, reading their dialogue from color-coded notecards.

Talk Show is inspired by work as varied as Between Two Ferns, The Carol Burnett Show, and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Rapid fire dialogue, a barrage of impressions so frantic it borders on the surreal, and a playful, meta framing device coagulate into something truly unique for Fringe audiences. Fans of Eric Singel, and his work with The WaitStaff will enjoy Eric’s signature voice as a writer, and razor-sharp style as a performer.


This event has been cancelled.


$20 general access

About the Artists

Talk Show is presented by LG Productions. Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier began their collaboration only a matter of months ago, when they were both looking for something to do after there was nothing else to binge watch. As of the writing of this sentence, Eric and Harry have not yet met each other in person. Harry looks forward to meeting Eric, but no pressure, Eric.

When Eric and Harry initially began their collaboration, they planned on writing one show together. Because the creative process is mysterious, their project morphed into two companion pieces based on a similar premise. Said companion productions are Talk Show and You Listen to Me, Earth!

Eric Singel (“Eric Singel” in Talk Show and “Leonard Greenfield” in You Listen to Me, Earth!) is well-known to Fringe audiences as a performer/writer/director for the WaitStaff sketch comedy troupe. (LG Productions would like to interject that it was Mr. Singel’s writing of the WaitStaff’s 2019 installment of The Real Housewives of South Philly that persuaded us to back this project.)

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Cancelled: You Listen To Me, Earth!

LG Productions, with Eric Singel and Harry Watermeier

Thursday, September 10


2020 Fringe Festival

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