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Teething Emotionalities: WOOF

Tabitha Vidaurri & Alyson Goodman

Sep 11 - 12 2015

Runtime TBA


The RotundaMap

Wheelchair Accessible

Teething Emotionalities. WOOF_Tabitha Vidaurri & Alyson GoodmanIn this series of comedic monologues, Tabitha and Alyson chronicle life lessons they absorbed during awkward stages in their lives. They will answer questions like, “Why does tragedy turn into comedy?” “What does it take to get clean?” “Do things really ever end?” “Who let the dogs out?” With video art by Rich Wexler.

$10 / 60 minutes

Both UArts alumna and former Philly residents, Tabitha and Alyson bonded when their respective sketch comedy troupes collaborated on a show. Tabitha had performed a one-woman show in the Bad Theater Festival entitled Write if You Get Work, chronicling her years of drunken unemployment, while Alyson performed the solo show Oh god What Have I Done? at The Cherry Lane Theater, where she talked openly about porn as well as vacationing in Hawaii with her family. The two realized that they had similar comedic sensibilities as well as complementary themes – Alyson’s being “Choices” and Tabitha’s being “Changes,” so they decided to collaborate on a longer piece.1643-ca94339d42f94ffcd62890d65ab7f404 They began digging through old photos, journal entries, and 90s childhood VHS, and brought in Rich Wexler to create a visual narrative with original video artwork. After workshopping the piece, Tabitha and Alyson ended up with a series of comedic monologues seamlessly flowing back and forth as they describe important lessons they absorbed during awkward stages in their lives. Both women have been performing sketch comedy and stand-up for a number of years and are excited to bring their experience to this Fringe production. While the “emotionalities” they explore may be harsh at times, they ultimately bring the audience a joyful and uplifting experience – the key message is “You are not alone!” Learn more here!


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