The 2020 Rocky Awards
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The 2020 Rocky Awards

Produced by Mira Treatman

Philadelphia’s One and Only Award Show For DANCE


140 N Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, PA
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Monday, January 27
5–7PM Rockies Happy Hour in La Peg
7–9PM Awards Show in FringeArts Theater

After a three year hiatus, our beloved peer-to-peer dance award show is back! Connect with those familiar faces you may not know by name. Get to know passionate, dedicated dance audience members. Mix and mingle with your best dance buds you haven’t seen all year! You’ll love the Rockies on the Rocks…

Be sure to come to La Peg for dance-themed happy hour specials before the show, and join us for a joyful, long overdue celebration of all that happened in Philly dance since 2017 – plus a look back and a look forward as we honor the people who make dance happen on and off the stage.

The five most recent Rocky awardees, Kyle “Just Sole” Clark, Jaamil Kosoko, Jumatatu Poe, Zornitsa Stoyanova, and Jessica Warchal-King, plus the event’s host (TBA), will bestow a Rocky Award on someone new. The Rocky Awards highlight Philly’s rich dance community with performances and speeches: it’s where local legends and newcomers come together and where movements—of all kinds—brew.

Free / RSVP suggested

Feature Photo by Gabrielle Revlock

About The Rocky Awards

The Rockies were created in 2002 by FringeArts founder Nick Stuccio in response to the growing dance scene as a peer-to-peer award show. It was originally conceived as a staple event of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival to celebrate the distinct voices in our city, especially as younger homegrown companies of the time began to branch out and find success elsewhere. Over the years, the award show has been organized by various intrepid volunteers and organizations, significantly by Dance/UP with Lois Welk at the helm. After the closure of our city’s former dance service organization, a committee of volunteers including Thomas Choinacky, Keila Cordova, Anna Drozdowski, Julius Ferraro, Christina Gesualdi, and Annie Wilson, among many others, kept the show going for several years. The 2020 Rocky Awards, instigated by Mira Treatman, represents new era of the show where community stalwarts will band together to create a sustainable community and peer-to-peer celebration to look forward to each year, sans a dedicated service organization. Read more about The Rocky Awards history here.

Why The Rocky Awards?

Dance as we know it is an artform already on the edges. Our work lives without easily replicable texts like plays in the theatre. Women and marginalized bodies are often at the center. Dance performances are hard to sell, and not obvious to buy. And yet, here we are, in one of our country’s greatest cities with a truly thriving dance scene. What makes it tick? A generation of cross-disciplinary makers now trains the next cohorts of creatives, who stay in town and spin off companies of their own. There are stunning lineages of artistic family trees, blending and smudging together to form eclectic Philly idioms with our grit and gumption at the center. Our equity performers grace a main stage one week and jump into an experimental process in someone’s basement the next. Our Fringe Festival is on par with the international greats. We support a couple dozen independently artist-run dance studios and performance venues in just about every neighborhood. Baum’s Dancewear has been going strong since 1887! And let’s not forget some true pillars and trailblazers, Joan Myers Brown and Barbara Weisberger, on who’s shoulders we all stand. We don’t need New York. We just need each other. The Rocky Awards exist to keep us–makers, performers, students, audience members, and supporters–together in celebration. Special thanks to Anna Drozdowski, Gabrielle Revlock, Leah Stein, Bethany Formica, Annie Wilson, and Christina Gesualdi for passing the torch and for sharing crucial institutional knowledge that makes this award show possible.
–Mira Treatman, Community Instigator

About thINKingDANCE, Media Sponsor of the Rocky Awards

thINKingDANCE is a consortium of dance artists and writers who work together to provide critical coverage for dance, to build audiences for dance, and to foster the art of dance writing in Philadelphia and beyond. thINKingDANCE increases visibility for dance, encourages new forms of dance writing, broadens the scope of dance coverage, and increases audience receptivity to dance. We do this through partnerships and live  events, as well as at, our online dance journal. We train and educate our writers through regular workshops with visiting dance writers, monthly peer-critique sessions, and an uncommonly rigorous two-tiered editing process. Founded in 2011, thINKingDANCE is currently thirty writers strong. Read on at

About Theatre Philadelphia, Community Partner

Theatre Philadelphia unites, celebrates, and promotes the Philadelphia region’s diverse and growing theatre community. We lead efforts that expand audiences and engage the public to participate in this community’s work. Theatre Philadelphia envisions an equitable and inclusive region that champions and nurtures local artists. We aim to raise our city’s profile as a world-class city and enrich the lives of Philadelphia-area citizens. Programming includes Theatre Philadelphia’s Barrymore Awards, Philly Theatre Week, and a series of professional development and marketing workshops. Learn more at