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Events The Arcane Mysteries of Vanderslice Manor

The Arcane Mysteries of Vanderslice Manor

Noah Levine / Philly Improv Theater

Sept 13 - 15 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Venue TBA

Wheelchair Accessible

First, detective Basil Shakingstoke must put his personal life aside to solve a locked-room murder. Then, Thomas Vanderslice puts everything on the line to speak with his father from beyond the pale. Set in Arthur Conan Doyle’s London, this curious double feature finds the unexpected in two familiar stories.

$12 / 70 minutes




The Brilliant Deductions of Basil Shakingstoke created and performed by Noah Levine

The Unconventional Seance of Martin Vanderslice III created and performed by Adam Cooper


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