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Events CANCELED: The Bikes Live in the Basement

CANCELED: The Bikes Live in the Basement

Ed Roth

September 13-18

2022 Fringe Festival

45 min


Icebox Project Space

Wheelchair Accessible

This show has been canceled.

“The Bikes Live in the Basement” is a show about how we are products of our environment until we can open our minds and build ourselves. In this 45-minute solo show, you’ll see a monster be shaped. The monster must learn for themselves their own true nature and their way in the world. The show will be an interdisciplinary work of art in which you will see the many crafts that solo creator and performer Ed Roth has been mastering over the years – aerial arts, acrobatics, object manipulation, theater, and dance. “The Bikes Live in the Basement” is autobiographical for Ed Roth – based on their real-life story and experience growing up in a household founded on abuse caused by parental mental illnesses. Through the beauty and freedom of movement and circus, Ed will show the traumas from their father’s very extreme OCD and the violence he took out on his family for him to be able to cope. Their father could not accept any blame onto himself for any of his wrongdoings and put them onto Ed. In the years since their separation from this abuse, Ed has had to break the form that they were molded into. This is a story of finally finding oneself from within after years of being told who you are and who you must be by external forces. Trigger warning: this show contains many themes of abuse and mental illness. There also will be some explicit language dispersed infrequently. Parental discretion is advised.

Ed’s Bio: Ed Roth has been performing circus for 7 years now. They’ve done everything from covering the walls in paint with their limbs, to classic partner acrobatics, to comedy in glittery sacks. Currently, they coach at Secret Circus here in Philadelphia and perform around the area.


Appropriate for ages 13+

This show is presented as part of Cannonball Festival, Philly’s artist-centered performance hub, packing in 65+ full length shows and 300 performances in two nearby venues. Discover risk-taking theater, dance, circus, music, and comedy alongside a vibrant garden bar with a free nightly cabaret, pop-up events, workshops, artist talkbacks, and more. September 1–30 at the Maas Building (1320 N 5th St) and Icebox Project Space (1400 N American St). Learn more at

Content Considerations

This performance contains brief graphic language—this is content surrounding and speaking openly about abuse and mental illness.


Health & Safety

Proof of vaccination is required to attend this event, and masks must be worn for the duration of the performance. Audience members will be asked to show proof of vaccination before entering the venue. Both digital and physical proof of vaccination are accepted. Please plan accordingly.


Assistant Director- Sierra Rhoades Nicholls

Pianist- Michael Sheppard

Sound- Emi Lutz

Stage Hands- Kira Dipietrantonio & Peter Nicholls

Dad’s Voice & Show Advice- Terry Brennan

Cannonball Manager- Mae West

Training Space- Secret Circus

Special thank you to my family and to all my coaches! – Niff Nicholls, Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, & Amy Goh



About the Artist

I am a community of thoughts that doesn’t have any idea where they are headed. I think within body and mind. I contemplate in and around and between every moment. The synchronicity of the subconscious makes my heart sing. I live within each emotional moment. The feel of shapes in my body free my mind from its containment. Every repetition of a performance brings me to a new, deeper level of body connection and opens up some internal confusion. And that confusion brings every emotion and earthly experience in its tow. I’ve always been influenced by this quote that was on the wall of my high school, “Don’t worry, confusion is just ignorance leaving the mind.” In its ideal form, my art generates this confusion and connection to, hopefully, help us all grow.