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The Buried Life

Apartment 20

Sep 18-21 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Vox PopuliMap

a cabaret//a gathering//a soiree.

arrangements by Damien Figueras; text and stories by Matthew Arnold and the Ensemble; direction by Randi Alexis Hickey.

“But often, in the world’s most crowded streets,
But often, in the din of strife,
There rises an unspeakable desire
After the knowledge of our buried life.”

$15 / 75 minutes



The Buried Life is, at its core, a celebration of the simple act of storytelling. It weaves a poem of the same name by Matthew Arnold, music by the likes of Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Patti Smith, etc, and first person storytelling. It’s a secret party in the woods with drinks aplenty, about the joy//complexity//adversity//shenanigans that come with constantly being in a place of growing up. You’re invited.



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