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The F Word

Radiant Bloom Productions

Sep 15-18 2018

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Asian Arts Initiative, Main TheaterMap

What does feminism mean now? Five women from different backgrounds use music to experience the conviction of the movement for women’s rights. Hear the stories of women who fought for equality, join in the songs they sang. Immerse yourself in the ongoing discussions about who gets a place in this movement.

$20 / 105 minutes




“The F Word is a show that conjures the spirit and emotions behind the women’s movement to compel audiences to step out of habitual debates and instead have a visceral experience. Using the power of music and storytelling, this show celebrates the diversity of women and explores their many conflicting beliefs about feminism.” The F Word is a world premiere musical with well-known songs like “I Am Woman” and stories that inspired the women’s rights movement. Five diverse women ask – what is feminism now? The show was conceived in response to the conflicting arguments overheard in conversations across social media platforms before and after the Women’s March of January 2017. Why do so many feel excluded from this movement? Is ‘feminism’ an outdated concept?


About Radiant Bloom Productions

Our mission is to provide platforms in entertainment for stories told by women and to create opportunities for women in leadership roles. Creating performances for today’s audiences requires input from women. In theater and film, women+ are in need of opportunities as directors, scenic designers, writers, composers, music directors, artistic directors and producers. We seek to create those opportunities. We aim to produce a varied season of new and existing works with women in leadership and launch a festival for women+ writers to develop and showcase new projects. It is important to consciously normalize the placement of women in leadership roles.

Cast: Demetria Bailey, Meredith Beck, Heeya Kim, Kimberly Onah, Kalyn West

Writer/Director: Irene Molloy

Assistant Director: Lauren Widner

Projections: Sarah Gafgen

The F Word is made possible through the generous support of Small But Mighty Arts and the contributions of Fringeathon.

About Irene Molloy: Irene Molloy is a writer/performer currently creating new works that exist where art and activism meet. As a performer, she has appeared on Broadway, television and film and released a solo album. She has been nominated for the Outer Critics Circle and Helen Hayes Awards for her work in theater, and her music has been featured on radio stations across the US. She actively supports the National Organization for Women and the Joyful Heart Foundation.

About Meredith Beck: Meredith is a performer, musician & vocal coach. She won the Philadelphia Barrymore Award for her role of Alice Russell in the ensemble of LIZZIE with 11th Hour Theater Company. She is a founder, flautist & lead vocalist of All-Women Celtic Trio The Galway Girls. She believes in the importance of storytelling from the point of view of women+ & nurturing a work atmosphere that is based on equality and growth.

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