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Events The Frog Prince & Other Favorite Stories

The Frog Prince & Other Favorite Stories

Denise McCormack

September 13-October 4

2021 Fringe Festival

30 minutes

Pay What You Can

The Internet

Closed CaptioningRelaxed Performance

According to McCormack, “This show brings together some of my very favorite stories that are remarkably stretchy to fit all viewers.  Each tale has a multitude of layers meant to cater to whimsy-seekers, imagination-dwellers, and analogy-diggers.  I hope that they are enjoyed and discussed long after the program ends.”


Available on Monday, Sept 13 until end of Festival  for on-demand viewing



Denise McCormack is president of the Patchwork Storytelling Guild, Producer of the Lehigh Valley Family Storytelling Series, NJ state liaison of the National Storytelling Network, former editor of Story Art magazine, a publication of the National Storytellers League, as well as a member of various other local and national organizations for the arts and where storytelling plays an integral role.

McCormack tells professionally throughout the tri-state area, touting the efficacy of storytelling for entertainment, education, social justice, and community, as well as for its substantial benefits to health and well-being. She holds an M.Ed. in the areas of language, learning, and literacy and delights in working with all ages.

Denise McCormack’s mantra: There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.

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Content Consideration

Appropriate for all ages

Audience Instructions

This show is designed to be engaging for children and adults. It is pay-what-you-wish to make it accessible to all.

About the Artists

Denise McCormack is a storyteller.

Stories, even and especially the simple folk and fable, shine a light on little things that have far reaching implications, including the power to draw us together in community.

Among McCormack’s favorites are tales of aged heroes and strong, wise women; creation tales, myths, and epics that speak of values and perseverance; and both prose and poetry that bring to the life the magic of our glorious world.

McCormack has been a featured teller and workshop presenter at local and regional fringes and festivals, including the National Storytellers Network conferences and Philadelphia stages, and educator conferences. She has also developed and facilitated local story slams and swaps.

Moreover, trying to keep up with her creative initiatives over the course of the pandemic has resulted in digital media and audio/video productions which expand and connect community and story.

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