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The Graveyard Slot

3 AM Theater

Sunday, September 16

2018 Fringe Festival

Runtime TBA


Circadium School of Contemporary CircusMap

The Graveyard Slot concentrates on a couple’s journey over the late night hours through a series of magical vignettes. In the company’s Philadelphia premiere, internationally acclaimed artists Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo create a visually powerful evening with a unique fusion of circus, dance, and theater.

$20 / 60 minutes







Created and performed by: Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo

Lighting and Sound: Kyle Driggs

Choreography: Andrea Murillo

Co-direction: Mark Lonergan

Special thanks: Circadium- School of Contemporary Circus, Chandler Driggs, Jay Ko, Greg Kennedy

This project was developed in part through the Parallel Exit Physical Theatre Lab.


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