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The Lid

Pat Finnerty/BRAT Productions

Sep 4 - 6 2015

Runtime TBA


Underground ArtsMap

Don’The Lid_BRAT PRODUCTIONSt you wanna know about the lid? What was underneath the lid? I don’t know. I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that there are 14 British invasion songs alongside a cast dedicated to finding out just that. That and the fucking wifi password. IG: @brat_rocks #finnertyfever
$20 / 90 minutes

Founded in 1996, BRAT Productions has evolved from an unknown “fringe” entity to an award-winning company with a fiercely loyal local audience and artistic reputation. With signature boldness and bravado, BRAT explores new work and re-envisioned classics. We are committed to being a home for Philadelphia’s edgiest artists to take their biggest creative risks, fostering new and emerging talent, and inviting audiences to hear stories that expand beyo1593-b33be55d57a9c2bb72bb3de2df94ef80nd the mainstream and into the counter-culture. In recent years, BRAT has become known for their signature “rock and roll cabaret” performance style, which mixes rock concert sensibilities with theatrical storytelling. Current Producing Artistic Director Jess Conda is leading the company into a new era of neo-cabaret and rock music infused performance, and BRAT’s current artistic mission is focused to “change the way that music is seen and theatre is heard.” Under Conda’s leadership, BRAT is poised to speak to a new generation of scrappy, irreverent theater makers and audience members who are incoorporating rock music into theatrical performance, and who crave new takes on original experimental hybrid performance art now more than ever. Notable BRAT productions include A 24 HOUR THE BALD SOPRANO, a looping 24 hour performance marathon/audience participation spectacle; THREE CHORD FICTION, a cabaret mixer series that pairs actors with rock bands (winner of the Ted and Stevie Wolf Barrymore Award for New Approaches to Collaboration in 2007); and EYE 95, which premiered in the first Fringe Festival in 1997 and was remounted by the festival in 2007 (EYE 95 RE-TARRED), earning a Barrymore Award nomination for Outstanding Original Music.

“Conda met Finnerty at a house party this spring at Wadsworth’s house in Fishtown. This meeting sparked conversations about how Pat had always wanted to turn The Lid into a theatrically staged production. With Fringe on the horizon, and BRAT poised as a promoter of rock and roll based theater, it was the perfect time for BRAT to produce this rock-theater event with Finnerty.” Read more here


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