The Live-Streaming Confessional of #stacylucky
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The Live-Streaming Confessional of #stacylucky

Leigh E. Bicica

Part of the 2019 Fringe Festival


Twenty-Two Gallery
236 S 22nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103 United States
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September 14–16, 19–21 + 22, 2019

Twitch. Periscope. Instagram. Youtube. #stacylucky is live on all the social media apps to make friends, tell stories, and figure her life out. As it becomes Stacy’s safe haven, the internet waits with bated breath for every new post. But what is the price for revealing an inner life in the most public of forums?

$20 / 60 minutes

Written and Co-Directed by Leigh E. Bicica Co-Directed by Brey Ann Barrett Photo by Kevan Sullivan

Why do we feel compelled to post all our vacation snapshots on Instagram? How can people be entertained by someone discussing what they had for breakfast? What is our intention when we grieve on Facebook? Is it true humans are starting to grow horns from texting too much? If any of these are questions you have pondered, join us for an evening of multimedia theater with #stacylucky, a young Midwesterner who is also pondering her place in the world, as well as the effect of voyeuristic social media sites on our well-being.

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