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The Long Tides

Nicole Quenelle

Sept 15—22 2016

Runtime TBA

$10 – $15

Asian Arts Initiative, Studio CMap



2750111c-5898-446e-aef9-a621419ee969How do we measure time? What is contained in a moment? And just what are we waiting for, anyway?
Meet Joann Merriweather. She’s worked in the call center of Building 14 for a very long time. And now she’s looking at where that time goes. Leading her co-workers in a time-management seminar, Joann must look at how she spends her own time, and how her minutes add up. With inspiration from Ted Talks, corporate seminars, advances in physics, and the writings of T.S. Eliot, The Long Tides is at turns both clown play and poignant audit of how we spend our minutes–and what happens in the moments that stand out.

nicole$10-15 / 75 minutes

Creator/Performer: Nicole Quenelle
Outside Eye: Sarah Sanford (director of Underground Railroad Game)
Dramaturg: Nell Bang-Jensen
Script Consultant: Corinna Burns
Lighting Design: Michael Lambui
Sound Design: Brad Pouliot

Nicole Quenelle is an independent theater artist focused on physical approaches to writing, devising, character, and ensemble building for original theater and film projects. Currently based in Philadelphia, she spent 10 years performing with regional and experimental theater companies in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina. She was a company member of NC’s Little Green Pig for seven years, with which she performed and collaborated on many original works and adaptations. She has also performed regionally with Manbites Dog Theater (Durham, NC), Burning Coal (Raleigh, NC), Dog & Pony Show (Pittsburgh, PA), and the University of North Carolina. As a teaching artist, Nicole has led workshops for William Peace University, Durham School for the Arts, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater, Temple University, and The Greenfield Collective. She completed a Lecoq-based theater program in Florence, Italy and has also trained with SITI Company and Pig Iron Theater Company.

You can learn more about Nicole Quenelle here.



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