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Events The Other Side of the Window Screen

The Other Side of the Window Screen

JCWK Dance Lab

September 6-October 4

2020 Fringe Festival

35 minutes

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You’re invited into our home through your screen. Immerse yourself in an interactive experience where you chose your adventure: read our research, watch HOMEbody – a contemporary dance performance, hear our stories, and open a window into your experiences of home.

HOMEbody is a contemporary dance performed by a multi-generational cast of women with original music by musician/ composer Paul Fejko. In process, the artists investigated definitions of home as structure, home as physical body, home as geographical place from which we leave and return, and home as states of rejection and acceptance. Performers include Laura Baehr, Erin Coffey, Sarena Kabakoff, Kyleigh Kover, and Jessica Warchal-King.

Described as “beautiful and thought provoking,” the performance invites audiences to find joy, acceptance, and connection to their own experiences of home.

Buyers will get access to the video performance and research with their ticket. Appropriate for all ages.


Available to access online during the Festival


Pay What You Can to access

About the Artists

JCWK Dance Lab is Jessica Warchal-King’s ongoing research project combining education, physical dance practice, and performance. Using dance as its medium, JCWK Dance Lab investigates the ways that dance can be a vehicle for non-violent, positive social change by creating Joy, Connection, and Wellness through Kinesthetic stories.

The website includes written and visual research from the performers, collaborators, and audience members; feedback from in-person performances, and videography by Jake Buczewski. Support for the live performances was supported in part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund, The Berks Arts Council, Alvernia University, Widener University, and private contributors.

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