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The Passion of Kellyanne


September 16 at 8:00pm

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Mascher Space Co-opMap

How does Kellyanne Conway sleep at night? What is she thinking as she gazes into the mirror, affixing her perma-grin to face the media maelstrom she pushed into the White House? Drive into the pine barrens of New Jersey to peek into the soul of the blueberry-packing, Jesus-loving girl who became the GOP’s smiling wonder.


We all live in a reality of our own making now. When Kellyanne Conway declared on national television that the White House gave the press “alternative facts” we all knew shit just got alt-real. Us gals over at LiveFeedNYC flipped our feminist lids at this bold faced utterance . . . alternative facts??? Who was this conservo-bot Kellyanne who told straight up lies while smiling sweetly through a Jersey accent and modestly flipping her straw blonde hair? We had to know! So, we went to work, trying to piece together the life and times of the “perfect” pollster/pundette in order to understand exactly how we got her/e. The result is 45 minutes of strangely comic and surreal reimaginactments that take us from the Pine Barrens of Hammonton, New Jersey, to Trump Tower to the mind of Kellyanne who will sacrifice her own sanity and integrity to continue another man’s con. Told with humor and truthiness, The Passion of Kellyanne shows how one woman’s success can be our nation’s failure. Written and directed by Andi Stover with a gifted and dexterous cast of diverse female performers who play several characters, including Kellyanne at different stages of life. Starring Cary Curran, Madeleine Mfuru, and Leanne Velednitsky. Dramaturgy by Aimee Davis and production design by Sarah Murphy.

$15 / 45 minutes

Pictured: Cary Curran Credit: Sandra Bauleo

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